I am so excited!

My latest labor of love is headed your way and I can’t be more proud of our little bundle of joy!

What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit?—the second book in the WWMDfK? series—will be coming out Today, Friday, 3pm EDT in digital format (print version to follow).

In the book you will find 28 patterns written by designers you may be familiar with (some returning from the first Defarge book) and new designers I’m thrilled to introduce to you.

As in the previous book, we have a range of difficulty levels so everyone should be able to find something to love. You can see pretty pics at Ravelry. As before, I think you’ll find yourself falling in love with these women (and a man! Yes!) who have created these lovely patterns for you. Their essays and stories of their acts of creation are heartfelt, honest, and in few cases, just darn funny. While building the book I, over-and-over, felt myself nodding in agreement, knowing I’d found a kindred spirit.

I hope you feel the same.

To celebrate our release—and to give something back to all of you who make this possible—we have some goodies we’d like to send to you!

If you’ve already pre-ordered the book, check your inbox or spam filter this afternoon! The links to the goodies should appear!

If you haven’t already ordered the book (what are you waiting for?) you have two choices:

  • Pre-order W(e)WMDfK? —learn more here
    Print+Digital. $26.95 or
    Digital only $16.95 


  • Pre-order W(e)WMDfK? and pick up a copy of the original WWMDfK? in print and digital formats —$50 plus shipping for both books, both formats! For those of you who don’t already have the first book, this is a nice deal. Learn more here or order  Print+Digital of both books. (sorry this offer has expired)

The discount on the two-book package and all of the goodies disappear at 3pm EDT on Saturday, April 6, 2013 so ordering before then means Big Fun! No Whammies!

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Featuring Designs by:
Kate Atherley, Alex Aulisi, Carrie Bradfield, Cassandra Deavers, Todd Gocken, Becky Greene, Hunter Hammersen, Erica Hernandez, Becky Herrick, Shelia January, Deirdre Kennedy, AnneLena Mattison, Jennifer Mauser, Wendy McDonnell, Heather Ordover, Laura Ricketts, Kathleen Rogers, Natalie Servant, Penny Shima Glanz, Saranac Hale Spencer, Julia Temisevä, Diane Trap, Meg Warren
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