Right before I left on vacation I had a FABULOUS phone call/CraftLit interview* with Sally Holt (she of the genius KnitCompanion ® app) and Lucy Neatby (she of knitting genius)—and then I had to shut up about it.

It almost killed me.

But now the secret is out and I can share this joyous news with you! I’m giddy with excitement and I’m here to tell you that after you take a look at the Lucy Neatby—Collection One app, you will be giddy, too.

This ground-breaking app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch combines a collection of Lucy’s patterns together with her wonderful Learn with Lucy video series. All packaged in the patent pending KnitCompanion ® platform to provide highly interactive knitting instructions. The techniques covered in the videos are linked directly to the steps of the pattern that need the techniques so you can knit with confidence because Lucy is by your side. All patterns are setup with easy-to-select options for sizes, motifs, and other options. We think of it as an electronic pattern book on steroids!

And the even better news?

I have a free version of the app to give away!

That’s right!

If you    to CraftLit  or Just the Books during the month of August 2012 you will be put into a drawing for your very own Lucy Neatby—Collection One app!

You could make a one-time donation (with the button above) or you may prefer to sign up as a Subscriber-Supporter    (and receive all sorts of ongoing audio goodies from the folks who work on CraftLit). Either way—donate once or as a subscriber—you’ll be put into the drawing. If you win, but don’t have an Apple device, you can gift the app to a friend—then make them hand over said device on-demand!

And even if you don’t donate, please leave a comment here. Lucy and Sally will see it and I’m sure they’ll be excited to see what you think about their new and awesome app!

*The interview will go live on Episode 264, August 10, 2012.

For interested Book-Only lovers, I recommend subscribing to the Just-the-Books  option. There you won’t be bothered by knitting and crochet pattern freebies, you will just get the marvelous audio bits.

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Important—please click the “RETURN” link to complete your subscription process and sign up for your extra fun bits!
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