Ah! The new year!

Last year I spent the First doing little more than spinning silk. This year I did that on the 31st.
Finished off a pile of Polworth from the last SOAR I went to. Light worsted. I have very little faith that I’ll be able to spin regularly this year either, but perhaps now that the wedding knitting is done…
I have learned that ANY fiber prep has to happen during the cooler months. I just can’t seem to touch loose fiber when it’s 100+’ out.

Yeasterday (the 1st) I spent working on repairing an afghan for my mom. I’d made this 17 years ago for my Grandmother. When she passed it went to my Grandfather. When he passed last Fall, mom handed it back to me. It’d been my first big crochet project and I didn’t really understand how to finish As a consequence, I’d tied off every end and cut it close.
So ALL of the joining sewing was unravelling. Some by very little. Some by very lot.
Therefore, I decided to take those FORTY squares of detailed, ecru crochet and rejoin. I consulted Dawn, my master crochet buddy, and she sent me towards some great joining stitches. I knew I didn’t want to just stitch the squares together again–mostly because there wasn’t a chance that I could match the yarn–but also because I thought it might make the whole thing look a little “newer”. Thing 2 helped me pick out a contrasting yarn (he’s my color consultant) and I’m now 15 squares from finished. Then the afghan goes to Mom for a late Christmas present (she knows it’s coming).

In food, I continue to learn to live gluten free. It’s not so bad, mostly because my mom gave me a breadmaker with a gluten-free setting this Christmas. I’ve been making crazy amounts of bread lately, and am currently finishing off a slice of GF cinnamon raisin toast for breakfast.
Heaven, pt 2.
I’ll start posting some of my fave recipes and sources here, too.

Thing 1 was “helping” me finish a double scarf and was doing a spectacular job.
Then I walked away.
Now I’m looking at *at least* four inches of mauled selvages to remove. So I’ve not started on that one.

And, being a new year, I’m back at my annual, “of COURSE this year I’ll finish that Map of the World afghan!” It’s just hard because it’s so not portable. And it’s quite warm on the lap. And it’s detailed (duh) so it requires attention and cool weather.
I have hope but little faith.

Does that sum up the start of the year?

Lots of hope, though. And hoping you have a great new year/decade, too!

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