You’re all very sweet and tolerant of my long-ish pauses on this blog while I write and edit another knitting book, write a novel, podcast, and design patterns, but for a long time now I’ve wanted to try to tie this blog into the rest of that lot a bit better.

What better way to start than with Game of Thrones?!

Meg Warren, who you may know from What Would Madame Defarge Knit? and   The March Hare yarns, has designed the most luscious pair of mittens with lovely Stags on the back. The pattern is charted but straight-forward and Meg (who is, shockingly, just Meg on Ravelry) is always there to help.

Still not sure?

Winter’s Stag


Knit from the cuff up, with a plaited edge, the pattern includes a link to a plaited edge tutorial as well as internal links, helping you move between instructions and charts if you are on a tablet.

Line numbers match for use with KnitCompanion on the iPad.

Winter's Stag
And the stags of which we spoke.
Winter's Stack Backs with Sword
I know, gorgeous, right?

Okay, I have more patterns for you coming this week, but now I have to run.

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