Sorry for the absence! I’ve been packing boxes.

Like this.


I’ve also been doing this:

But mostly, today, I wanted to talk to you about this:

Amy Gunderson’s book’s cover tells me all I need to know.

This book is full of fun patterns.

I love fun.

I decided to highlight two for you today.

The first is Coventry:

I admit that I’m a sucker for this color grey, so I’m immediately drawn to it. But beyond that…

Coventry Mitts Gunderson

…I really like this stitch pattern repeat. I thought it was simple enough but very elegant—and I liked the button on the (left) side (in picture) beyond all reason.

The other pattern I wanted to highlight for you is this kicky number:

Energy Mitts!

Energy Mitts Gunderson

The girl is the picture is holding a skateboard, but it is so clear that if you (like me) have boys at home, these would be ideal. I love the detail work and the instructions are nice and clear. Fear not the zipper!


I found the book to be an easy and pleasant read and I can’t wait to hear more from our lucky Raffle Winner (through midnight, April 30, 2014).

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