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General Sock Knitting eBooks

These eBooks will help you learn to knit socks. The links provided in each eBook take you to helpful videos, tutorials, and articles. It is possible to knit socks from the cuff down to the toe (Top Down) or from the toe to the cuff (Toe-up). There are myriad ways to put together a sock, but these are the two basic ways to start knitting socks.

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How to Knit a Toe-Up Sock eBook
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Sock Heel Knitting eBooks

Once you are familiar with the basics you can branch out and begin to customize exactly for your needs. The beauty of hand knitting is that if a particular part of a pattern does not work for you, it can be modified. There are many different ways to knit sock heels. There are many different feet. This works out well. If you want to read more about the genesis of this Sock Heel book series, please continue reading ».

Dutch Heel eBook
This generic heel generally fits any foot.
German Heel eBook
The extra garter stitch edge to the heel flap helps eliminate saggy gussets and provides a snug fit.
French Heel eBook
This rounded heel is perfect for those who are sensitive to tags, snags and lumps.
welsch book coverWelsh Heel eBook
This is a very hard-wearing heel that leads the knitter on quite the adventure along the way.
Sherman Heel eBook
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Toe-up Flap Heel eBook
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Sock Heels—the Complete Book
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Plays, Novels, and Monologues by Andrew Ordover

Andrew Ordover is a playwright and screenwriter with a BA in English from Emory University and an MFA in Playwriting from UCLA. His original plays and adaptations have been performed in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Miami, selections from which have been published in Smith & Kraus’ Best Stage Monologues and Best Stage Scenes anthologies for 1993, 1997, and 1998. He has served as the Artistic Director of New York’s Common Ground Stage and Film Company and as Literary Manager at Atlanta’s 7Stages Theatre. He has also been a guest speaker at the International Symposium on Theatre Semiotics, in Athens, Greece.

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“This compelling new play [The Golem] is a work of considerable passion and clarity.”
Charlie Whitehead
TimeOut New York, May 8, 1997

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“Rich and often funny…[The Wind on the Water] skillfully maintains the balance between serious inquiry and social satire….You can almost hear the footfall of the barbarians at the gates—a scary sound on this eve of the millennium.””
Francine Russo
The Village Voice, October 20, 1999

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“[Motherland is] deeply relevant…Off-Off Broadway at its best!”
Charlie Whitehead
TimeOut New York, March 13-20, 1996

“One of the best new American plays I saw this season was Andrew C. Ordover’s Motherland…”
Richard Hornby
Hudson Review, Summer 1996

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“[Gilgamesh is] an extraordinary evening of beauty and terror.”
Marshall Yeager
Off-Off Broadway Review, April 6, 1995

“Ordover’s script [for Gilgamesh] has taken generous liberties with its root text, injecting lots of comedy…and sharpening what could have been a sprawling mess into something grand but accessible….A weird, wonderful, rather unlikely masterpiece.”
Chris Page
Get Out Magazine, Arizona Tribune, June, 2004

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Scenes from a Broken Hand is not to be missed…the production is all the best that smaller theatre has grown to represent…. Moving and lyrical.”
Miles Minnies
Back Stage West, December 29, 1994

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