Some free and some for a fee, the individual patterns here are ecclectic and fun.

A Cowl for Sydney

My sister thought a knitted Möbius was not possible. But I knew the Cat Bordhi secret! So I took inspiration from my sister’s way with animals. The main pattern is Fawn’s Eyes—because, yes, deer have walked up to my sister. I added a lace edging that used the same stitch repeat number so you don’t have to move those pesky markers.

Skills required:
– knitting in the round
Cat Bordhi’s Möbius cast on

The pattern includes a detailed photo tutorial on how to block the points on the Möbius.

Price: $5.00

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Cheddar the CraftLit Critter

Cheddar is the new CraftLit mascot. About 5″ tall, he is easy to knit and seamless.
I loathe the seam but love the critter.

Skills required:
– icord
– in the round
– short rows
– provisional cast-on

Pattern includes photo tutorial.

Current version: v2.

Price: $4.00

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Cratchette—a knitting pattern


Price: $1.99

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Downton Daisy’s Hat

Daisy’s Hat is based on the tam Daisy wore in Season 3, episode 3 of Downton Abbey. It utilizes jogless garter stitch “grooves” in the top, creating the concentric circles you see in her hat in the show. The garter stitch and hemmed edge make this hat reversible.

Skills required:
– knitting in the round
– i-cord

The pattern includes a detailed photo tutorial for creating a hemmed edge.

daisy in downton abbey daisy in grey

Price: $5.00

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Finnish Coffee Cup Cozy

This little gem includes a tutorial for a plaited cast-on and bind-off. It also uses a motif I’ve been using in all those Knitting ___ from Around the World books (socks, hats, scarves, mittens, sweaters)

Skills required:
– knit and purl
– in the round
– colorwork experience helpful, but not required
– British and Continental knitting helpful, but not required

Pattern includes photo tutorial.

Price: $3.00

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French Heel

The French Heel has a lovely, rounded sensibility—not unlike a fine Bordeaux.

Okay, that’s a little much. But, it really is quite a graceful heel.

Current version: v2

Price: $2.50

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Heather’s Hand Towel

I hate dishcloths.
Really really hate them.
I don’t like sponges much either. Brushes are okay —especially the kind that let me squirt soap out of them. They rock my world (in a very small way).
But I LOVE dishtowels. I like the feel of an absorbent towel soaking up the damp and making my hands nice and dry.
So I can’t join the dishcloth revolution, but I CAN add my hand towel to the mix. What’s even better is these fit the bill for low-key mindless kitting.

Heather's Hand TowelSkills:
• basic knitting skills
• twisted stitches (written instructions and video tutorial provided)
• width of 8 (10, 12) in / 20.25 (25.5, 30.5)cm.
• 6.5 st = 1in/2.5cm in garter stitch on smaller needle. Gauge is not critical, please create a fabric you like.
• 1 ball Sugar’n Cream Stripes (100% cotton; 86m/95yd; 56.7g/2oz) Country Stripes #1206
• US #2/2.75mm 16″ circ or long dpns, or size needed to obtain gauge
• US #4/3.5mm 16” circ or long dpns
• two stitch markers
• tapestry needle
optional: two 3/4″ (18mm) buttons

Pattern includes written instructions, written tutorial, and link to video tutorial.

Price: $3.00

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Hexaflexagon—a knitting pattern

This toy is a fabulous math lesson for your young friends (or yourself) and is also–as I’ve learned–a nice stress toy for kids with ADD.

The hexaflexagon is knit sectionally, attaching one piece to the next as you work, then seamed to create the hexaflexa shape.

The pattern includes a photo tutorial on how to seam and fold the hexaflexagon. Picture seen here from © facelikefizz via Ravelry.

The blog post, HexaFlexing Fun, and the pattern link to videos of hexaflexagons in action.

I can’t wait to see the modifications you make! Enjoy!

Current file version: v2.

Price: $4.00

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Novel Socks

The eight socks in this eBook are inspired by the characters in the novel Grounded. The pattern eBook currently includes Rosie’s Firestarters Izzy’s Bouncin’ Blues, Jenn’s Subtle Majiks, and Jasmine’s Ethereal Socks.

Or you can get the eBook with all 8 patterns!

via our Shoppe link:
Novel Socks: a set of socks
based on characters from Grounded

Price: $13.00

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USB Bracelet

Put your audiobook onto a 2GB USB Bracelet.

Add this to your audiobook order and let us know which of your books (or all if they fit!) you’d like to have loaded onto this lovely silicone bracelet.

Don’t forget, we’ll need your shipping info for this one!

(You’ll still get your audiobooks as immediate downloads, too.)

Price: $15.00

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Wensleydale is a quick-to-knit buddy for Cheddar, the CraftLit critter.

Knit with 30yds (or so), Wensleydale is a great way to use up leftover sock yarn. And you can knit him in one night.

Do not use safety eyes if you’re going to let your cat have at him, though. Embroidery would be safer for all involved.

Skills required:
– knitting in the round
– icord
– chart reading
– written instructions reading.

Price: $1.50

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