A Modest Proposal

This brief but ::ahem:: meaty text, A Modest Proposal, is one of the most important pieces of satiric writing ever produced. Even though it’s hilarious, the text is a little old fashioned and can feel so far away from us… until you have a few pieces of information.

That’s what you get in this Enhanced eBook. Read the rest of this entry »

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Novel Socks

The eight socks in this eBook are inspired by the characters in the novel Grounded. The pattern eBook currently includes Rosie’s Firestarters Izzy’s Bouncin’ Blues, Jenn’s Subtle Majiks, and Jasmine’s Ethereal Socks.

Or you can get the eBook with all 8 patterns!

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Novel Socks: a set of socks
based on characters from Grounded

Price: $13.00

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