Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre!
A book about an eminently practical character needs an eminently practical book.

Within this prototype enhanced eBook PDF, we have created a digital book that includes:

  • The full text of Jane Eyre
  • Direct icon-links to the CraftLit and Just the Books mp3 audio which covers the indicated chapter
  • Each chapter includes discussion questions for book groups and writing prompts for students—making it eminently useful for ESL students and homeschooling families
  • Note: This edition/version does not include expanded annotated in-text links—those are planned for future EeBooks. However, any links which appeared on CraftLit and Just the Books show notes are included. Future enhanced eBooks will include more robust annotations.

Many thanks to the sponsors whose generosity supported the creation of the EeBook:

Price: $5.00

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