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A Modest Proposal

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This brief but ::ahem:: meaty text, A Modest Proposal, is one of the most important pieces of satiric writing ever produced. Even though it's hilarious, the text is a little old fashioned and can feel so far away from us... until you have a few pieces of information.

That's what you get in this Enhanced eBook.

This digital book includes:

  • The full text of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal.
  • Direct icon-links to the CraftLit and Just the Books mp3 audio which covers the text.
  • Following the text you'll find discussion questions for book groups and writing prompts for students—making it eminently useful for ESL students and homeschooling families.

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Many thanks to John Gonzalez who read the text for us.

Get your satire! If the checkout process here doesn't work, this link should do the trick.

Price: $4.99

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