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Enhanced eBook What's an enhanced eBook? It's a digital book with links—like an interactive, annotated book. In our case, these books include a click-able Table of Contents, links out to pictures and contextual information, discussion questions, writing prompts, and direct links to the podcasts which address the chapter you're reading. Now you can read and listen at the same time (a huge benefit to ESL students and homeschooling families).

A Modest Proposal

This brief but ::ahem:: meaty text, A Modest Proposal, is one of the most important pieces of satiric writing ever produced. Even though it's hilarious, the text is a little old fashioned and can feel so far away from us... until you have a few pieces of information.

That's what you get in this Enhanced eBook. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre!
A book about an eminently practical character needs an eminently practical book.

Within this prototype enhanced eBook PDF, we have created a digital book that includes:

  • The full text of Jane Eyre
  • Direct icon-links to the CraftLit and Just the Books mp3 audio which covers the indicated chapter
  • Each chapter includes discussion questions for book groups and writing prompts for students—making it eminently useful for ESL students and homeschooling families
  • Note: This edition/version does not include expanded annotated in-text links—those are planned for future EeBooks. However, any links which appeared on CraftLit and Just the Books show notes are included. Future enhanced eBooks will include more robust annotations.

Many thanks to the sponsors whose generosity supported the creation of the EeBook:

Price: $5.00

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The Age of Innocence

The Enhanced eBook (EeBook) for The Age of Innocence is out! As of 12 July 2013 This includes the first six chapters-worth of text, links to the podcast audio, discussion questions and writing prompts. Each week your book is updated as the next podcast is released.

Enchanced eBooks (EeBooks) of texts currently running on CraftLit and Just-the-Books will include the complete digital text when the podcast/book are complete. Direct-link icons take you to the CraftLit and Just the Books mp3 audio. That way you can listen to the chapter in the background while letting your eyes see the words on the page. Each chapter—or set of chapters—contained in a podcast audio file concludes with discussion questions for book groups and writing prompts for students—making the EeBooks useful for ESL students and homeschooling families.
This EeBook is updated weekly—at the same time as the podcast—so you can follow along in time with the 'cast.
Get your copy right now! (note: the ePub file works on iPads)

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We recommend you use the "buy now" link above to purchase your Age of Innocence Enhanced eBook, until the shoppe is updated. Once you click "buy now" you will leave this Shoppe and be taken to PayPal. Once your purchase is complete, you will be directed to a page with instructions for delivery of the update-able EeBook. Remember: the book matches the podcast. Currently the EeBook includes the first eight chapters, loads of links, discussion questions, writing prompts—and is updated every week.

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