tami_wipI Made It!

I actually got this out on a Wednesday!


Of course, I always have a WIP, it just isn’t always knitting.


Of late I’ve been working on (pix below):

  1. Shattered, the sequel to Grounded
  2. Christmas presents
  3. late birthday presents (the shame…)
  4. Zentagled mugs
  5. Age of Innocence
  6. Bleak House
  7. the (mercifully done) Bar Mitzvah
  8. learning to sing this and this with Thing 2
  9. educational curriculum writing
  10. everything else.

I did also start this mobius cowl by request of Thing 2.

IMG_0022I’ve combined the lovely and simple Honey Cowl pattern with a Möbius cast-on.
It’s really actually very nice and soft and lovely.
The boy is thrilled with the progress.
I’m using Blue Sky Alpaca Metalico silk/baby alpaca blend in the colorway Platinum and I LOVE IT.


Not splitty but very pretty.


All good.


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