I admit I haven’t been very good at posting. Some of that is because my phone app that lets me post on the fly died, but the other part is that we’ve been running like maniacs at Jennie the Potter’s booth.

However, right before sitting and having a lovely chat with a CraftLit listener and her husband (from Ontario, CA–O…Canada…) I had this for lunch.

mobile uploadBaaaaa… Lunch!

I can’t say that I’ve been crazy about lamb before, but this? This was AWESOME!

Spicy, juicy, really really really good.

An NO ONE was in line in front of me.

The poor guy kinda freaked when I asked for no roll (“Well, then…how do you WANT to eat it?!”) but he was more than happy when I explained that I’d LOVE to have the roll, but didn’t so much want the migraine.

Today I got to see Toni of The Fold and many many many listeners (Hello Mrs. Mouse and Penguingirl and spectacular-listener-whose-name-escapes-me-but-who-brought-me-the-lovely-roving because “no one should go home empty handed”! It’s spinning up beautifully!) Tomorrow I fly and grade. Then home. Then final student meetings. Then finals. Then grade. Then done. Then…unemployment?

Ah well…it’s been fun while we’ve been here.

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