Every week you can listen to the next chapter of a classic book at CraftLit: A Podcast for Crafters Who Love Books (and for a while I also hosted its sister show Just the Books—All the Lit, None of the Craft for the spouses and non-crafty-types. JtB’s audio library is still there).

During January 2014 the shows were be on hiatus while I blogged a book and prepared for North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (a contemporary and friend of Charlotte Brontë.

North and South is currently playing on CraftLit and begins with episode 331.

curliqueLeft placeholderplaceholderT’is (always) The Season



If you’re feeling Christmassy, I also added some audio to the Dickens of a Christmas Blog Hop a couple of years ago. Those general podcasts are linked to below via their shownotes. There are video versions (where you can see the artwork from the original Dickens) and audio-only versions as well.

If you’ve never heard the original story it’s not long and well worth a listen. Much of it is familiar from the movies and plays, but the bits that don’t often get done are lovely, too. Just more bookish than theatrical.


—Staves 1-2—A Christmas Carol
—Stave 3—A Christmas Carol
—Staves 4-5—A Christmas Carol