Well, I’m not releasing a new podcast—though I’m prepping Jane Eyre RIGHT NOW—so instead I’m releassing a new pattern!

My husband recently sent me links to the three videos I’ve loaded below. He said “for the boys” in his email but, seriously, how could I not attack these? I did a quick “knitted flexagon” web search and found that no one had yet made a pattern for this (though you can find oh-so-cool pillows and kaleidocycles video and  pattern) so I made my own!

October 21st is the birthday of the instigator behind the craze (Martin Gardner)  so knit up a passel (while listening to Flatland) and spread the word of his genius (and the genius of a number of other quite-bright kids).

hexaflexagon knit pattern ordover

© facelikefizz

These can be knit with any yarn, at any gauge, with any needles (that fit your yarn). As long as you have a neutral and three other colors, you’re golden. Photo-instructions for sewing and folding and provided.

Buy now for $4.00 via
Ravelry | Craftsy | Crafting-a-Life Shoppe

Enjoy and please share your pictures and modifications. I cannot wait to see what you do with this!

Hexaflexagon video 1

Hexaflexagon video 2

Hexaaglexagon (tongue in cheeck) safety guide

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