Here we are with the next sock in our series! Jenn’s Subtle Majiks!

Look at this lovely heel!



Jenn is Rosie’s cousin, sweet, generous, and…well… you’ll have to read the book to find out more.

Jenn’s socks “fit” her to a T! A simple-looking pattern, nicely refined, with a gentle strength that isn’t necessarily obvious right away.

We think you’ll like.



Jenn’s socks, designed by Meg Warren (of March Hare dying and the Defarge books) are an easy knit which get you a stylish pair of firm, warm socks. Knit in Riin Gill’s Happy Fuzzy Yarn (Corrie Sock in Purple Kale) they will give you quiet confidence in your Clogs or Crocks while you go about your daily grind.



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Novel Socks: a set of socks based on characters from Grounded




Women’s S, M (L); To fit foot circumference 7.5, 8 (8.5) in [19, 20.5 (21.5) cm]

Sizes S&L: 36 sts and 50 rnds = 4 in [10cm] in stockinette Size M: 32 sts and 45 rnds = 4 in [10 cm] in stockinette

Foot circumference, unstretched: 6.75, 7.5 (8)” [17, 19 (20.5) cm]
Finished leg length (as shown): 5.5” [14 cm] adjustable Finished foot length: adjustable

Instructions are provided for Size S/M with Size L shown in ( ). Sizes S&M differ from each other in gauge rather than stitch count. For a medium size foot (shoe size 7 1/2 to 9) follow the instructions for Size S, but aim for a gauge of approximately 8 sts/inch for a proper fit.

Izzy’s socks, designed by Meg Warren (of March Hare dying and the Defarge books) are a fun-and-breezy knit which leave you with cushy-comfy socks. Knit in Riin Gill’s Happy Fuzzy Yarn (Corrie Sock in Cobalt) they will lift your spirits and boost your mood as the winter days start to push in on us.
 or buy yarn+pattern kit!
Rosie’s Firestarter socks are easy-to knit because there’s only little panel of something other than stockinette and that runs down the outside of the sock (making a distinct right and a left sock). But because Rosie hates to be bored there’s also a Welsh heel (like the WWMDfK? Fosco socks) and a fitted arch.Thus, these suckers FIT.hey hug your foot nicely and the leg bit is easily extendable for you to make it as long as you need. Want to add calf shaping if you decide to go long? It’s easy to do because the back of the leg is pure stockinette. (Andi’s book Big Foot Knits would help with planning for that). The yarn comes from Riin Gill of Happy Fuzzy Yarn in her Sugar Maple colorway.
 or buy yarn+pattern kit!
Or you can get the eBook with all 8 patterns!
 or via our Shoppe link below:Novel Socks: a set of socks based on characters from Grounded
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