What do you do when you’re going to your cousin’s for dinner and she’s an awesome food-n-family blogger?

You make gluten free peach crumble from scratch… without a recipe… and with the odds-and-ends you have on-hand in the rental beach house…because you’re stupid.

It worked out fine, though.

Here’s how:


Start with family…


Add awesome peaches (lots, they cook down)

before slicing peaches, using a fork blend butter (1/4-1/2C), brown sugar (1/4-1/2 C), GF flour 2-4 TBSP, and oatmeal/muesli/granola (we had a little of each on hand and it worked nicely). Get this nice and crumbly and put into the fridge.


Peaches in pot with a little whiskey



…like this, and fruit like that…


While peaches cook on med-low, melt a TBSP or two of butter in 400° oven in pan…


GF flours are heavy on starch so taking the liquid from the cooking peaches and shaking it together with a couple of TBSP of a flour blend thickened the peaches up nicely.


Into the warm buttery pan… and…


Pull butter /GF flour/ GF oats-granola-muesli / brown sugar blend out of fridge…


Shake out onto the peaches. Put in 400° oven for 40 min or so.

I’d show you what was left… but that would just look like this:


Empty Pan = Happy Heather

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