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Ravelry—my new Downton Daisy’s Hat pattern.

Daisy has become a bit of a meme and her hats have moved up in the world with her. Why not throw another hat (ahem) into the ring?

IMG_8918 IMG_8925

What we can glean: Daisy’s hat is a beret (or tam). It’s simple. The yarn looks vintage and the back of it seems to run in completely concentric circles. I’ve worked at making a reasonable knitted facsimile (of what could well be a crocheted original) using a comfy, stretchy finished edge, a differently patterned brim to frame your sweet face, and a jogless, clearly circled back.

Note: Though knit at exactly the same gauge, the Pediboo yarn is slipperier and made a slouchier/heavier hat than the Nature Spun. The drapiness of the bamboo definitely affected the final product.

$4USD  at Ravelry


$4USD from our Shoppe


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