Cinnamon Sticky Rolls Oven or Crock Pot Method.

If you’ve seen my gluten free posts before then you know I love (a) Jules Flour and (b) finding a good cinnamon roll recipe.

Now I’ve got both.
AND a really great blog-hop to boot!

Remember last year when I participated in the Dickens of a Christmas Blog Hop? Well, this is similar, but with nifty prizes and great recipes. At the bottom of the intro text to the Sticky Roll recipe I’ve linked to here, you’ll find a list of all the bloggers and prizes.

Perfect timing!

I think I know what we’ll have for dessert tonight!

UPDATE: Well, I made them the next morning instead.


Why are you supposed to cut the rolled out dough in half?

Because it’s bloody difficult to roll the whole thing.

How do I know that?

Because I tried.

VERY WELL FLOURED wax paper helped with the rolling. Didn’t matter a bit that a LOT of flour stayed caked on the dough.

And the best part—they were even better the next day. Microwaved.

How often does that happen?!

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