20 Books You Pretend to Have Read | BOOK RIOT

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OOH! OOH! OOH! Mister Kotter!! I have a solution! So, book riot released this a week and a half ago (and I just saw it, thank you, Heatherly): 20 Books You Pretend to Have Read. Of course, because of CraftLit I was intrigued. Then, scrolling down past the top twenty-lied-about-books, a reader shared this graphic: So. I humbly present my solutions for the world’s lying-about-reading conundrum: Listen to Audiobooks with Benefits!**...

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Matilda and Monuments

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In January we took a whistle-stop trip to NYC for Thing 2’s 10th birthday. It’s becoming a thing (we saw Annie last year). This year we saw Matilda. You must go. Really, you must. I don’t know how you’ll do it, but try everything you can to go see this show. My Goodness… it’s a book-lover’s paradise. And oddly, the theater was populated by plenty of folks who (I gather) had never read a Roald Dahl book...

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Thank you!

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I have a lot to be thankful for as 2013 rolls to a close and I’d like to do some thanking here. Tara Swiger and the Starship folks have—as always—been amazing, creative, smart, funny, helpful, and critical in all the best ways. They’re why this site looks better and why the rest of my sites will soon look better too. They make me smile every week—pretty much every day. Cooperative Press and all the cooperative-types who publish,...

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Separated at Birth

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Uncanny, innit?   Neil Gaiman read an abridged (by Dickens himself) version of A Christmas Carol at the New York Public Library earlier this week. Another reason to love the man....

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Weekly Gallery

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Thing 2 HoneyComb Cowl Erato’s “Call Your Girlfriend” Thing 2 and Thing 3 Thing 4 and Daddy 12 hrs away from us Thing 4 enjoying the snow Thing 2 making his Troll Face My SiL’s fab decorations (she makes it look so easy!) Da Table Da Kids Post-food (you know the drill) Giving Thanks Da Goofy Kids Three Artists all in a row… Requisite smoking of holiday cigars Happy Sneak...

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