Don’t Be Scared… it’s only Hitchcock

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Time to #ShareCPLove for today! I have a distinct memory from when I was a kid. It was 1980 and we had recently moved from Southern California to Tucson, Arizona (site of one of those Twilight Zones that just stuck creepily with me for years, making me Very Nervous in Tucson when I started driving by myself at night—which makes it all the odder that I do narrations for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights... but that’s a different story). April...

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As seen in Vogue Knitting Winter 2013/14

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Hugely gratifying beyond my capacity for speech is having  Vogue Knitting Winter 2013/14 give praise to my new book, Grounded. The review also says that I’m creating sock patterns for each of the main characters, plus a bonus pattern. This is true and the patterns are all out, now! Yay! It also goes on to say: “The sock patterns… are being rolled out over time and will appear automatically in the Ravelry libraries of knitters who buy the...

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Final Grounded Sock • Rosie’s Nightswimming Socks

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If you remember Rosie’s Firestarters, they  had a flame motif going up the side. The Nightswimming socks have that same motif, running up the left in this pic–   surrounded by undulating waves. Water grounds her. May these socks keep you feisty, but surrounded by calm. These were designed by me which means they have the fitted arch and Welsh heel… But Meg likes them, too. Skills needed  knit, purl, yo, k2tog, ssk, working...

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Penultimate Grounded Sock • Casey’s Solitary Socks

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Casey and Rosie—oil and water to start… so, then what? A lovely vinaigrette once they get to know each other? Young love is so tough, even in the best of times—and  Casey and Rosie aren’t that lucky. What is the Chinese curse? May you be born in Interesting Times? Well, then they are cursed indeed. And blessed. Because regardless what else happens, they did find each other. They know the other is there.  Somewhere. Loving. These socks, designed...

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Final Three Grounded Socks… rolllllling out this week! • WIP Wednesday

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Grounded Socks ARE my WIP Wednesday! Mina’s Protective Socks are not for the faint of heart—but then, neither is running a boot camp for psychic teens. Mina’s protective arms like the roots and branches of a tree enfold the kids in her care, and while she’s not perfect (who is) she’s always there. These socks are heavily cabled—so much so that the charts come color coded. And while the charts have been broken up for...

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Grounded Sock—Justin’s Stubborn Socks

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Justin’s Stubborn Socks gave us a little trouble trying to get photos, but Justin always pulls through when the chips are down. Perhaps the most misunderstood of The Seven, Justin is the one who ultimately has your back. Good looking, stylish, and with a (slightly?) haughty sense of humor, Justin is the only one of The Seven who won’t be allowed back in his house unless he can stop being psychic. Yeah. Right. So Justin has to find...

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