New Scandinavian Felt Design — Felt So Good: Book Review

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Felt so Good? (Oh, my goodness. Yes, yes it did.) Felt so Good: 70+ Felted and Plain Wool Designs for You and Your Home by Tone Rørseth is a book that made me want to felt. Well, more specifically, go out and find some Nepal Wool Felt and some Wool Felt by the Yard and dig out the craft felt and and and… Full disclosure: I have needle and noro felted—in classes and on my own—and I very much enjoyed it… but it never really stuck....

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Hunter Has Done It Again… Curly Style

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Pre-orders are OPEN today! Right now! On Hunter’s new adventure—a Curly one! Go here: Head on over and order in an orderly pre-fashion (now that an hour and 19 minutes of stampede is over and the server has bounced back from it’s overwhelmed crash — could have been the goody bags for the first 250 folks who bought the paper copy (there still might be a few left if eveyrone else went digital… worth a...

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Lot 4 Books, Bags, and Bidding Page—June 25, 2014

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Lot 4 — Fair Isle! Bidding for Lots 3 & 4 begins at 3pm EDT Wednesday— June 25, 2014—and ends promptly at 6pm EDT To enter to win, please put your bid in the comments below. Highest bid at 6pm wins. One knitting bag is included with this lot—seen in picture above. The Art of Fair Isle Knitting Inspired Fair Isle Knits: 20 Creative Designs Inspired by the Elements Only One Way to Win! The Rules: Read through the comments below to see what...

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As seen in Vogue Knitting Winter 2013/14

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Hugely gratifying beyond my capacity for speech is having  Vogue Knitting Winter 2013/14 give praise to my new book, Grounded. The review also says that I’m creating sock patterns for each of the main characters, plus a bonus pattern. This is true and the patterns are all out, now! Yay! It also goes on to say: “The sock patterns… are being rolled out over time and will appear automatically in the Ravelry libraries of knitters who buy the...

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Final Grounded Sock • Rosie’s Nightswimming Socks

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If you remember Rosie’s Firestarters, they  had a flame motif going up the side. The Nightswimming socks have that same motif, running up the left in this pic–   surrounded by undulating waves. Water grounds her. May these socks keep you feisty, but surrounded by calm. These were designed by me which means they have the fitted arch and Welsh heel… But Meg likes them, too. Skills needed  knit, purl, yo, k2tog, ssk, working...

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