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For many months now I’ve been taking pictures of stuff–life, my cooking, interesting-weird-things–always thinking, “ooh! I can post it tonight” but night is my only knitting time and… there went that idea. Instead, I think I’d like to start something different. I’d like to post a gallery of these shots on Sunday. Just pictures. If something sparks your fancy or you just want to know more, let me...

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Good Food, Plus

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What do you do when you’re going to your cousin’s for dinner and she’s an awesome food-n-family blogger? You make gluten free peach crumble from scratch… without a recipe… and with the odds-and-ends you have on-hand in the rental beach house…because you’re stupid. It worked out fine, though. Here’s how: before slicing peaches, using a fork blend butter (1/4-1/2C), brown sugar (1/4-1/2 C), GF flour...

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Lots of Stuff! Loads of Fun!

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I’m off on vacation with the family and finally have a second to post! YAY! First, I have a new cowl pattern for you! My sister asked me a few months ago if it was possible to make a knit möbius… so I designed a cowl for her! The pattern repeat is Fawn’s Eyes because my sister is a real-life Snow White. Animals approach her randomly. See: Like that. I also designed the cowl to have a lacy-pointed trim, so I included a little...

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I Done Did It!

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I made decent Gluten free Sourdough Bread with a recipe from the Gluten Free Recipe Box. I’d been thinking about starting a starter (heh) but had been intimidated. I’d been heavy into baking my own bread when I (ironically?) had to get off of gluten. Now I can make a decent starter using ancient grains flours (quinoa, amaranth) and some not so ancient (sorghum, teff, buckwheat, millet). The best (of the weird) advice I’d...

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Stuck in my Craw

Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 in Family, General Ranting, Gluten Free, Unavoidable Politics | 16 comments

For a few weeks I’ve been bugged about an advice columnist’s response to a plea and while whining to my husband he looked at me and said over the top of his glasses, “This, *ahem* sounds like a blog post.” So I bring my issue to you to ask for advice. I trust you more. The basic question is this: if you have dietary restrictions—especially ones that are medical—how does one gently and helpfully get that information...

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For Tomorrow: Best. Chili. Ever

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You can thank the New York Times for this. They published this—and it’s still out there—in 1996 (oh my, I’m oooold). It is their  PLAIN AND SIMPLE recipe;This Is Chili: Beans, Corn, Tomatoes and Beer – New York Times. It doesn’t get more simple than that. Good food. Good for you. Easily adaptable, but I’d recommend making it “the right way” first, then feel free to play around. The interplay of spices...

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