New Scandinavian Felt Design — Felt So Good: Book Review

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Felt so Good? (Oh, my goodness. Yes, yes it did.) Felt so Good: 70+ Felted and Plain Wool Designs for You and Your Home by Tone Rørseth is a book that made me want to felt. Well, more specifically, go out and find some Nepal Wool Felt and some Wool Felt by the Yard and dig out the craft felt and and and… Full disclosure: I have needle and noro felted—in classes and on my own—and I very much enjoyed it… but it never really stuck....

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A Dickens of a Christmas!

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This holiday season a group of us are planning a Dickens of a Christmas blog hop:

* April of 21st Century Housewife
* Ken of Ken Albala’s Food Rant and many, many books about food which you should check out
* Heather of Mama O Knits too Much, CraftLit and the upcoming pattern book What Would Madame Defarge Knit?
* Margo of Hat Shadows, a professional milliner for film, theater, opera and ballet. She teaches hatmaking courses so check out her blog!
* Diana of A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa
* Annette of Sustainable Eats
* Sarah of XX , a print journalist, food blogger and author of an upcoming book about the home canning revolution?

There will be recipes for the traditional foods Dickens wrote of in A Christmas Carol, or recipes that would have been found in Victorian England around the holidays. There will be a professional reading of the story available as a podcast. There will be giveaways, themed knitting patterns and quite possibly hats! There may be smoking bishop and suet cooked in organs. And there will certainly be much making of merry.

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Lost Gloves

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I just love this. Atomic Shrimp – Lost Gloves. It’s completely goofy, but there’s just something about it that warms my heart. I don’t know, something about the community of the interwebs, all out there finding new homes for lost gloves. It’s all rather sweet, really. Anyway. made me smile. Hope it does for you...

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USB Typewriter

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What kind of cool thing is this! USB Typewriter. The latent steampunky side of me would SO love to have one of these, but the practical wussy side of me notes that my fingers would get tired and I’d have to return the carriage over and over and over… I’ve become weak. I also don’t have an iPad, so… In other news, I leave for the first ever Annual CraftLit Tour Extravaganza–this year to London, Bath, and...

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I worked on altering a pattern and am very happy with the results. I found the adorable Cora’s Cloche then adjusted to adult size (pattern from Knit Picks). I added a repeat and went up a needle size but used the same yarn. It’s a cotton, which I normally wouldn’t do, but I just might get a chance to wear a cotton cloche in Tucson. However, I did this for the UK trip since we’re heading over in the fall and not the...

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