(If you got the CraftLit September update today, you’ve already seen this—just FYI).

So, so much has happened in the last month in my complete world (as opposed to my knitting world) that I needed to share—since some of it may affect you, too.

Big Bleak Weekend Event!
Wanna chat about the awesomeness of Bleak House? In real time?!? FACE to FACE?!

You’re invited whether you read the book on your own or listened via CraftLit’s Premium Membership audio. We just wanna talk about the book!

This Saturday, September 6th, 2014 at noon eastern (calculate your time here) Vanessa and I will be hosting at the first ever CraftLit book chat!
We tested the system at a new site (vokle.com) and were impressed by how easy it was to use.

screen shot of Vokle.com

Screen shot: text questions appear to the left, requests to talk on video appear on the right and we all get to talk and see and share!

You can ask a question by video (in real-time) or a typed question (in the little text box)—and for our purposes, when the site says “ask a question” we really mean “ask a question or share a comment” because y’all are going to want to answer each other’s questions, too.
If this works, there will be more.
There’s an FAQ page for this site, and this handy and very important tip: DO NOT forget your headphones. We all risk wicked-painful feedback and/or disorienting echo when the mic is “handed to you” if you’re using your computer micAND computer speakers. Just normal ear buds will be fine. Anything but the speakers (same goes for Skype, too. You’ll be surprised at the improvement in the conversation).
If you have found a better site for this kind of thing—let us know!
If you can’t make it, the discussion will be recorded. I’ll give you the URL as soon as we have one!Big Bleak Weekend Event!


  • Stitches East — Thursday October 9th only — I’ll be seeing market and Franklin’s talk and then Heather Goes Back Home. Wanna meet up while I’m there? Email and let me know when/where you’ll be!

SXSW voting!

Here’s a little background on SXSWedu and SXSWinteractive.

What we’re trying to do: Shannon Okey, Tara Swiger, and I have teamed up to present at these two back-to-back SXSW conferences in 2015 to spread the word about harnessing the internet to… well… harness the internet for independent learning and on-the-go, supplemental education. CraftLit’s place in the conversation is pretty obvious: the show is used by parents, students, home schools, and classroom teachers. Shannon and Tara are also pioneers in using online venues and social media to educate and aid people all over the world.

But we can’t present if we don’t get the votes. And the voting closes Friday, September 5th!


CraftLit has been invited to join other (awesome) free-content creators at the Subbable.com site where listeners can receive email notices of new posts AND get access to cool Perks. You can subscribe to CraftLit there for free (just like you would at the CraftLit.com site) and get an email every time a new episode comes out:
CraftLit at Subbable
AND when you subscribe you have the option

to pledge a little something to contribute

to the monthly cost of podcast upkeep.

The money that you pledge is “banked”

at Subbable and when enough is banked

to get one of the nifty Perks you’ve

been eyeballing, you can redeem

that part of your bank

and we’ll send the goodies

right to you.


What goodies make up these Perks?

Things like:
USB Bracelet - with or without audiobook
a USB Bracelet — with or without an Audiobook with Benefits;
Set of Five CraftLit Art Postcards
a set of five CraftLit “Got Book?” Art postcards—all post-office ready;
CraftLit measuring tape
a way to proclaim that your betterness measures up to the best—with a CraftLit measuring tape;
CraftLit Haute Men T-shirt
a Haute Men of CraftLit T-shirt (we’ll alternate other styles from time to time).
There’s more, but these have the cute pictures. Got toSubbable.com/craftlit to see the rest and subscribe.**


CraftLit is barreling towards the end of North & South and Bleak House is DONE!—and in the shoppe for those of you who are interested. If you’re not sure about a book with such a wonky title, I’ve got the first chunk ready as a small bundle of audio so you can find out if you like it before committing to the whole shebang. There was also a Sneak Peek of the first chapter that I posted over a year ago (oy!) that you can check out, as well.

Our next Premium Membership Audiobook will be the very first Sherlock Holmes story—and we’ll keep that series going in between larger works for as long as there’s a podcast. Even more better,  Jon Scholes (who was our Jonathan Harker) is going to read Sherlock to you. (Streaming or Download-only Premium Membership info)


So, yep. It’s been a busy month. Gonna be a busy September, too. But that’s not a bad thing…

**FYI—This is completely separate from Premium Audio Memberships — but way better than “just” donating through PayPal — as a way to support the show. Plus, it’s a huge flippin’ honor to be invited onto the same site as the Green Brothers.

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