There isn’t much more adorable than really gorgeous sleeping babies.

Except maybe really gorgeous sleeping babies wearing Tunisian Crochet goodies from Sharon Hernes Silverman’s new book.

I was an avid crocheter before I was an avid knitter—although I learned to knit first—so this book was rather revelatory. I love the textures of knitted fabrics, less so the weight of crocheted. Not that I haven’t seen gorgeous crochet, just that I was living in hot places, so…

I’d seen Tunisian crochet up close and personal when CrochetCompulsive demonstrated it. It’s really neat, and makes you think about stick-and-string fabric in a different way. (naalbinding anyone?) If you haven’t done it before but have toyed with trying this technique, I’d recommend you pick up Silverman’s Tunisian Crochet: The Look of Knitting with the Ease of Crocheting along with the baby book. There are instructions at the back of the baby book, but if it’s all new to you, you’ll probably want more instruction.

The patterns themselves are really cute, but more than that, they have amazing texture.


…which is pretty amazing, but not as amazing as this one:

Look at the edging!

Yep. It’s pretty breathtaking.

There are 16 pattern sets (many have multiple, matching pieces like the above), 23 patterns, and 140 pages in the book. I think it’s well worth a look-see—espeicially if you’ve been intrigued by this technique.


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