I don’t talk about crochet all that much over here. Not because I don’t like to (I do and did it exclusively for years) but because I’m not often moved by crochet the way I am by knitting.

I don’t know what that says about me. I should ask Dawn. She’ll know.

Regardless, I was contacted by Gooch & Gooch to see if I’d like to review the book and raffle it off on CraftLit. I checked out the world of Kristi Simpson and her Inspired Crochet baby, and immediately said yes.

Dinnit make you go “Squeee!”?

As with most yarn porn pattern books, I first thumb through looking at the pictures (I know, Defarge 1 didn’t have pictures, but it did have art, and the newly-released individual patterns have pix, so…) and I hit upon page 6, the “Mossy Baby Pod” and I believe I squealed.

In public.
It’s the first time I’ve seen eyelash yarn used in a way that didn’t make my face pucker, and it is ADORABLE!

Almost adorable enough to wish my kids were babies… almost… but not that much.




The photography on that baby is just spectacular and the pattern is clever.


But the sock pattern is cleverer (er er er?). A crocheted, toe-up sock with a heel flap. Since I’m not 100% in the world of crochet any more, I don’t know if this is news to the rest of the world, but it’s news to me! I LOVE THIS! My sister is a crocheter and I’ll be Amazoning her a copy of this pronto so she can enjoy the genius—and the cuteness—of the book.

There are lots of little girl patterns

(shrug! cute!)

and lots of cute hats.







And even some adorable boy pants!







Lots and lots of really good stuff in here. You can see more at Kristi’s website or get it now from Kristi’s store or from Amazon!

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