I mean—ah—let me start over.


::Orson Welles-like voice::  Who isn’t afraid of Chaucer?

Okay, Chaucer scholars probably aren’t and… ummmm… no one else.


Because it seems so old.

And hard.

And dry.

And boring.

And yet…NOT!

I’ve been doing a little experiment over at CraftLit and I’m pretty excited about how it’s panning out. Other people seem to be pretty happy about it too, so I thought I’d share the skinny on it over here.


The Skinny:

***FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION on the evolving subscription options, please visit this page at CraftLit. It’s been through a few versions since this page was posted.***

CraftLit and Just the Books (as you may know) are free podcasts where I take you through the old books that are supposed to be dry and boring and I—as I like to say—teach to the joke. I’m all about knowing the good bits—the parts people sub-reference at parties and make other people feel small with. I hate that. I want everyone to get the jokes. The good bits are what it’s all about. That and, you know… understanding the stories in the first place.*


CraftLit  has crafty-chat, then the book bits.  Just the Books  has occasional newsy bookish bits, then the books.

Yes, I know. I’m getting to Chaucer.

Recently I started a premium subscription deal where, for $5 a month, you can keep getting CraftLit  and  JtB  for free AND get freebies on the side. Little exclusive dealies that you might like.

Things like Chaucer! And Wuthering Heights!  And audiobook mp3s for the new(ish) mystery  Cool for Catswhich you actually cannot get anywhere else!

Right now, C4C and Wuthering Heights** are are running concurrently with new audio uploaded regularly—Chaucer’s on hold for a bit while our reader convalesces. As we finish one book,  I’ll come up with another.

There are still a few I’ve not touched.

Go here to subscribe!

and click the little red banner in the upper right corner.
And if you don’t want to subscribe, don’t worry. For one thing, this deal isn’t going anywhere. You’ll be able to subscribe and get this audio whenever you like. And even if you never subscribe, when the books are completed we’ll be offering the audiobook versions for sale as downloads you can purchase all at once (without having to wait for the serial-like, regular updates). Subscribers will have free access to the all-in-one-audiobook compilations, too, at that point.
So there you have it. Lots of options.

Lots of audio.

Lots of good, clean, fun.

Well… unless you listen to Chaucer. Then I can’t guarantee the “clean” part.

*but not like a scholar. I’m not. I’m a former high school English teacher who likes good stories. And jokes. And good jokes.
**This is the version recorded by Ruth Golding of Flatland/Librivox fame. She’s marvelous!  

That’s all.

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