Becky Herrick and her friend Calley Hastings have a new book coming from Cooperative Press! The book is near and dear to my heart not only because Becky designed for What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit, but also because her book combines patterns and recipes (like WWMDfK?). They focus on local ingredients and American made yarns throughout the seasons because the chapters each focus on a new month with a pattern or two and a recipe or three.  As you might expect, that means they have “paired fresh summer dishes with simple summer garments while cozy fall sweaters rub elbows with hearty baked goods.”

You will like.

See the purple lusciousness?

Becky Herrick Book pattern

I know you will like.

Want to know the best way to learn when the book is available to order? EASY!

<a href=”” sl-processed=”1″ class=””>Sign up for the Cooperative Press newsletter</a> . You can <a href=”” sl-processed=”1″ class=””>sign up for Becky’s too, if you like</a>. Neither of them go nuts with glutting the ol’ inbox. They get too many emails, too, so you’ll pretty much only hear from them when new goodies are coming your way.

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