2010 Harvest Tally.

Simple Lives Thursday consume less, produce more

Gaze in awe at the extraordinary tally here.

This comes by way of a friend of mine from middle school in Tucson, Arizona. I seem to recall commiserating sitting behind her in our 8th grade English class as we suffered sat through endless 80 word spelling tests and sentence diagramming instruction.

Okay, the diagramming was kind of cool. But I wasn’t about to admit that back then.


I would like to tell you that even back then I knew that she was going to be extraordinary, fabulous, trendsetting, and successful. However, my sense of honor (no, really) requires me to be honest. I think all I really thought was that she was gorgeous and had the most graceful hands I’d ever seen.


You know.

Eighth grade.


Nonetheless, she has indeed made a success of herself! Whether you look at her local, sustainable eating resources for changing the food stream, her practical solutions for infant reflux and colic (O that she had been online and doing that when Thing 1 was born), or her personal blog for the thoroughly bored, I think you’ll agree with me that she’s a force of nature. And a good one.

Check her Sustainable Eats site on Thursdays and if you’re doing something sustainable that you’re blogging about, join in the fun!

I’m off to read and learn more from her…just like I did in 8th grade…only this time I can’t peek at her spelling test over her shoulder.

This time I’ll have to work to keep up.

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