A Microtic Ear Extravaganza One Family's Journey Through Microtia-Atresia Repair


Dr Reinisch, Miracle Worker 2/5/08

Here's the good doc taking some of the dressing off of Thing 2's shaved pate. He's looking VERY good and though he looks all dour in the pic, Dr. Reinisch and Thing 2 were doing a good job cracking each other up throughout this procedure.

The medical office is COMPLETELY wired to a DVD with flat screen TVs everywhere. So, when meeting with small children in the room, he clicks the TV on and chats along with the parents. Bloody brilliant.

However, this time there was a female assistant (Tracey) who I didn't get a pic of. Thing 2—true to form—immediately started flirting. The doctor told my Mom (as he'd told me) that on the day of the surgery no one wanted to knock him out b/c he was so much fun.

He whimpered and started to tear up when they took the drains out (ugh) but he recovered pretty much immediately. I think it was a huge relief to get these nasty plastic tubes and bulbs off of his back/neck.

They re-gauzed him so he still has a white helmet, but more of his head is showing through. It's not so packed with gauze and he got a new ear cup--this one with blue smiley faces on it. the first had yellow ones. I thought this was something the doctor did, but apparently each cup COMES WITH two little smiley face stickers. I don't know if on certain procedures they perform some actual function or if it's just a nice company.

Either way, it made the boy smile.

More soon...

Thing 2, Monday night getting first dressing replaced. cute buzz cut!

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