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Premium Episodes

Pretty much every week new premium episodes (and occasional premium patterns) are released, and now there are more ways than ever to get that audio when and where you want it.

For only 5 dollars a month
you can go Premium to hear…

…The Great Gatsby, The Canterville Ghost,
Canterbury Tales, and MORE!

Sign up for a Premium Streaming Membership Account (MyLibsyn Account) and use that single account to access Premium content via your web browser, the CraftLit iOS App, the CraftLit Android App, and/or the CraftLit Windows 8 App.

How it works:

  • It’s a membership, so you’ll sign up through Libsyn and your credit card will be charged every month.
  • Your Premium Membership Account gets you access to new Premium content streaming on your smartphone or computer. This is called the Streaming Subscriber option.
  • New content is always available on the stream. Older books are gradually moved off the stream and into The Shoppe as newer books become available.
  • It’s only 5$ a month!
  • If you have an iPod (as opposed to a smartphone) you will probably want the Download-only Subscriber option instead.

As a streaming subscriber, there will be no option to download the premium episodes, but you’ll always have instant access to new material (over time older material will be moved to the Shoppe as a download to make room for the new streaming audio).

Alternative Download-only Subscription Method

We’ve Listened:
  • Some of you don’t have a credit card.
  • Some of you don’t want a credit card.
  • Some of you don’t want to stream the Premium content.
  • Some of you would like to pay by check.

We now have a solution.

Download-only Audiobooks—this will be the same audio that goes out via the stream, but we’ll now have it bundled and made downloadable for you. That means that once a month, or so, you’ll get an email telling you that a bundle of new audio is waiting for you on the download page.

How it works:

  • Using the PayPal link below you can sign up for the DOWNLOAD-ONLY Premium Audio.
  • If you would like to pay annually by check (as opposed to monthly via PayPal), please email us. As soon as your check is received and cleared you will have the mailing list sign-up link sent to you. You’ll receive your password from there.
  • If there is another way you would like to play, please email to have arrangements made.

To begin a Download-Only subscription Via PayPal:

Select Subscription Type

or by mail — $60USD by check for an annual subscription.
Your access to the audio will arrive by email (part of the PayPal process—watch for the confirmation email) giving you link to a newsletter-sign-up page. Once signed up you’ll receive the password to a protected webpage.

While you are an active subscriber you will receive newsletters via email letting you know when new Premium Audio is released. We will release audio to you in chunks so you won’t have to wait too long. This will be the same audio (and patterns) that streaming subscribers have access to. The only difference is that yours will come in chunks and will be downloadable.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask or suggest!

CraftLit Premium Audiobooks

If you aren’t a premium subscriber but still want to listen to specific premium books you can buy them as individual audiobooks when they are completed via the CraftLit Podshop.


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