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  1. Kathleen Bruce says:

    Hi Heather. I was a member, and then we moved, I had two surgeries, and we had three grandchildren born including twins, and I have to say, it got very busy. I wanted you to know that I have been confused about the various ways to subscribe to the premium books of CraftLit. I love your ideas, the books, the classics, etc, and I am still confused about being a Patreon member, or a premium member, going in through this or that portal, and so could you simplify it for some of us who are a bit confused by multiple ways to be involved and to listen? Thanks. Kathleen Bruce RN in Vermont

    • Heather says:

      Absolutely! I actually made a graphic to try to help with this problem. (How the problem came to be is below in case you wondered).
      Click below to open a big version – links should be live on the PDF, too.
      how to craftlit

      To answer your question specifically, I’d need to know how you prefer to listen:
      –on your computer, tablet, phone;
      —on a browser using a player, using the CraftLit app, using Stitcher or some other podcatcher;
      —at home (on wifi) or out in the world (where you’d have to use 3G or 4G to connect and listen, i.e., streaming).

      Once I know where and how, I can help you get exactly what works best for you.
      You can email me directly, or if you’d like to keep this conversation public just answer back here. It might help others with the same question.

      How the problem began:
      It’s all due to CraftLit being so old and me being a softie. Every time there was a big jump in technology/the process by which I deliver audio, I had to make a decision: force everyone to switch or add another option. I have many listeners who can’t switch from the old ways (DSL or slow connections) so eliminating options wasn’t really… Well… An option to me.
      In the beginning the only way we could finneggle a way to deliver premium audio (which at the time was Wuthering Heights – a book I wouldn’t be able to do on CraftLit, but really wanted to do) was by jury-rigging a system using PayPal, then having PayPal redirect to a Mailing list signup (MailChimp). It was clumsy, and tedious on my end but it worked.
      Then the smart device app started having the capacity to allow for paid subscriptions to Premium audio (their terms). This was going to be a great deal for mobile listeners, but there was no way to download files from the app. This was a problem since we had a sizable number of folks who downloaded audio to copy onto mp3 players (like the old/awesome iRiver players, etc) so I had to leave the rickety PayPal/Mailchip option in place then add the CraftLit app option (completely run by Libsyn. I’m just uploading the content. They do the upkeep and tech half of the job—and take the same amount from the subscription fees).
      Then Subbable popped up (which was great), then died, then transferred the Subbable Creators over to Patreon…which has also been rather rickety. However, it’s improving…slowly.
      I don’t find Patreon terribly intuitive but they do now have an app where you can listen to our Audio and see all of the creators you support (if you support anyone beyond CraftLit. Which I hope people do). Patreon doesn’t take as big a cut as Libsyn does, but it’s also more awkward and time-intensive to post audio—and it doesn’t play nice with all the sites and software I use behind the scenes to shorten the posting process.

      No option has been a slam dunk. Ever. And now there are three ways I post audio (regular and premium) which my husband says is more trouble than its worth…which might be true…but I don’t think I’ve been in a place where I can justify killing an option.

      Until the Membership plugin for the site popped up like a knight in shining armor!
      So now, like the graphic shows (or tries to show) you can get premium audio by using the app and signing up here, or at, or—NOW—by signing up for a premium audio membership on this site, here.

  2. Jacob Bains says:

    Howdy, I just started listening to this program. Very late comer, unfortunately. You discussed two novels of interest to me a few months ago. Particularly Wharton’s The Age of Innocence. Thank you for producing this literary , interactive program.

    • Heather says:

      I’m so glad you found us, Jacob! With the classics it’s always “better late than never.” How DID you find us? It’s always interesting to hear the winding ways folks get here. 😉

  3. Dear Heather,

    I am a painter living in Brooklyn, I’m in love with your podcast. I listen to it while I paint, I’ve listened to The Age of Innoncence, Dracula and now I’m at the beginning of Jane Eyre. I just wanted to say thank you for keeping me company. It’s hard to find something that I can paint along too and being a painter is quite a solitary thing. Your insights and the wonderful literature you choose keep me inspired. I make paintings of historic interiors and am very influenced by the descriptions of rooms in books, so it’s just perfect for me. I also love how kind and considerate your are, I really like the way you see the world. I also teach art to kids one day a week here in Brooklyn so I relate to you so much as a teacher too. Keep up the good work! I know you inspire so many and in addition you are providing education. I’m learning so much. Thank you!!!!

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