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Swift—266: Pt. 3, Chs 7-9

Part 3, Chapter 7-9 of Gulliver’s Travels on 266 and on 267 we have Part 3, Chapter 10-11.
267 will automagically upload on 8/31.

Before I get to anything else, a huge thank you to everyone (The long-short version here). We will now be able to get to LA, eat, and transport ourselves to-and-from the surgery and purchase any and all meds for my son. The only little thing I can do is keep making the free podcasts and if you know any knitters, I’m going to extend my pattern sale for a bit more, so it’s going through mid-night Tuesday for you.
Thank you.
Thank you somuch.

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The Bizness:
I wonder what Swift would have done with Howard Zinn’s books, or Clay Shirky‘s for that matter!
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And what if I told you that we might be able to travel together again with the Fabulous Diane? And what if I told you we might be able to go in the summer so the teachers can go? And what if I told you that it might—just might—be a trip to…Ireland?

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