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Twain—Episode One hundred seventy-eight: A Case of the Fantods

You can thank Twain for the episode’s title.

You can thank starting-a-business for the fact thereof.

Nevertheless, today’s chapters are 16–17.

Some links for you!

As promised, the Lewis Creek Socks pattern, loyal listener Renee sent in this link to a KQED show on Twain’s autobio–gazillions of pages long and… iiiiinteresting…
a link to Anita’s new podcast The Well Knitted Life, Continue reading

Twain—Episode One hundred seventy-four: A Believing Athiest

Today, chapters 4-6 of aCIYaKAC! And on July 23rd, you’ll get chapters 7-10 in 175!
Links on Twain from the St Joan side and the Atheist side and a link on the top 10 Myths about the Middle Ages. Continue reading