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Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-eight: Mister Lorry Anyone?

OH, so many links for you! It’s like they all waited until today.

Thing one’s Science Fair Post, iffin you’re up to watching some goofy videos and answering two questions.

Penny at PennyWise Consulting saved our comments (and so much more).

Episode 198!!!! Did you hear that? One-ninety-EIGHT!

Resurgence of Knitting “ON POINT” from NPR–with FRANKLIN HABIT!!! (and Susan Strawn, Jenna Woginrich, and Street Color).

Is there an oligarchy in the world of knitting?

Scrapbooks on the Go is great! Go checkitout!

Fun “i.e., e.g.” grammar info.

Ahab’s ship–found!

GF Scones that look REALLY good, GF Pizza crust, GF Biscuits, GF Sandwich bread, other uses for cupcake makers (who knew there was such a thing).

Urban Gardenshare.org GREAT idea for city-dwellers who are gardenarily inclined.

Parent’s Guide to Student Success.

Reading test for six-year-olds in UK to include non-words.

And in the world of our book!

Mister Vincent Gilmore of Chancery Lane, solicitor (Mister Lorry, anyone?) introduces you to some new subtext and some family past information you may find useful.

He also mentions a game called Whist. Apparently a game is called a “rubber” and you can play it online here. Wiki has a picture of the scoring board.

Book talk begins around 17 min.

Listen to 198 audio.

Twain—Episode One hundred seventy-eight: A Case of the Fantods

You can thank Twain for the episode’s title.

You can thank starting-a-business for the fact thereof.

Nevertheless, today’s chapters are 16–17.

Some links for you!

As promised, the Lewis Creek Socks pattern, loyal listener Renee sent in this link to a KQED show on Twain’s autobio–gazillions of pages long and… iiiiinteresting…
a link to Anita’s new podcast The Well Knitted Life, Continue reading