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If you are new to the world of Podcasts, have no fear. You have a variety of options. I’ve ranked them here in order of ease:

  1. We will soon have an iPhone/iTouch app and a Droid app. Those are the easiest ways to listen (links at the top of the left sidebar). This puts all the episodes in streaming-reach and allows you to save episodes to listen to for flights or tunnels where you can’t stream. The Droid seems to need a wifi environment more than the iPhone app, but we’re hoping that will be improved on the next upgrade (as of 2/2011). So far the tech support has been pretty responsive, so if there’s an issue do not hesitate to use the “report a problem” link from within the app. If you want to be cautious, email me as well to be sure I follow up with the support staff.
  2. Subscribe via iTunes. Go to the iTunes “Music Store” from within iTunes. Click on the “Podcasts” link (left side). Search (upper right) for “Just the Books”. This will open a window from which you can see the show icon and a subscribe button. Click the button and every time you open iTunes after I’ve posted a new show, a copy of it will end up in your “podcasts” folder in your  iTunes “Library”. Then you can listen!
    • You may also get back-episodes via iTunes by clicking on the Just the Books icon and going to an iTunes ‘page’ where you’ll see all previous episodes listed.
    • “Get All” may also appear in your library with the names of the episodes there, but grayed out.
  3. Subscribe with a podcast aggregator (Juice seems to be a good choice, or the newer Media Monkey which has gotten good marks from some listeners) where you type in the show’s rss feed (ours is: and every time you open Juice, the same thing happens as per the above with iTunes.
  4. Your third choice is to visit the shownotes and listen to the latest episode from the player you find there at the end of each episode’s notes.
  5. Finally, you can visit our library every week-or-so and manually download the mp3 file to your hard drive.

Whichever way you choose, a new Just the Books is uploaded roughly every Friday. If it will be more than a day or two late, I’ll post an update to the shownotes if I can.

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