Common Core and Audiobooks

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The Common Core and its expectaitons of Close Reading in the classroom are… challenges for the best teachers. And by best teachers, I mean teachers who have the full support of their adminstration and staff and students who are ready and willing to learn.
For the rest of us, well, challenging might not be the word we’d use.
To that end, there is support out here.
Free support.
From another teacher.
And it comes in the form of a podcast.

I’m a former high school ELA teacher-slash-college writing professor and I’ve been hosting a literature podcast since 2006. We have over 15 books—many of them books you teach in your classes—in our library.
The classics.
The books other people say, “oh, yeah… I think I read that… once… in school… a long time ago…”
Those books.
I like those books.
I love them.
So I “teach” them on the podcast, in a non-threatening way that kids and adults find easy to listen to.

Why does this matter to you?
Because you can’t do it all. You just can’t. What are you going to do with ELL kids? What about kids with 504s and IEPs?
You can tell them to stick a book in their ear.
Why would that help?
Because they can rewind. They can listen as often and as repeatedly as they need to. They can read the text on their phone at the same time. They can listen and doodle and take notes. They fidget less and focus more. And they come to class prepared.

The site you’re on right now is my Just the Books version of the original podcast called CraftLit and it combines crafting and knitting chit-chat with the books (because knitters hands are often too busy to pick up a book). Both podcasts are free. Both have multiple books (though CraftLit has more—it takes some time to retrofit all that audio).

What sites have you found that are helpful? Where have you found useful support? Post a comment below and I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner in a raffle for a copy of Trusting Teachers with School Success: What Happens When Teachers Call the Shots by Kim Farris-Berg and Edward Dirkswager.

And so, to begin, some links you might find useful are listed below and a player for the latest episode is in the sidebar (We started Jane Eyre on episode 274, “A Modest Proposal” on episode 273:

CraftLit Library listings below—Just the Books listings in left sidebar.

Books Available as mp3s, below, and on CD

Episodes 1-20

Episodes include all short stories
21-28, 40-42, 67-73

Episodes 30-39

Episodes 43-66

Episodes 75-89

Episodes 90-117

Episodes 118-123

Episodes 124-148

Episodes 149-159

Episodes 160-171

Episodes 172–188

Episodes 189–191

Episodes 192–220

Episodes 223–246

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