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by Wilkie Collins. The best book you never heard of. You’ll have to look long and hard to find a stronger female character than Marian Halcombe—and to find a more interesting author.
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Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-seven: Whoosh!

Not much to report this week, in fact, not much time to report much of anything. So. Congrats to Cynthia of Yucaipa, CA! She’s the winner of the Gorgeous Yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Co. We’ve got Epoch one, sections 13-14 today. Go Walter! Widgets Book talk begins around 5 min. Listen to 197 audio.

Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-eight: Mister Lorry Anyone?

OH, so many links for you! It’s like they all waited until today. Thing one’s Science Fair Post, iffin you’re up to watching some goofy videos and answering two questions. Penny at PennyWise Consulting saved our comments (and so much more). Episode 198!!!! Did you hear that? One-ninety-EIGHT! Resurgence of Knitting “ON POINT” from NPR–with […]

Collins—Episode Two hundred one: It's Called a Break Because…?

Just a few things for 201— (um…not two THOUSAND one)…Judith Martin’s book “Common Courtesy” on Jefferson’s “problem” linked to in the widget below, How To Be Aliterate article, Road Trip 2011–This Time It’s East, and that’s about it. Play in new window | Download (0.0KB)