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by Wilkie Collins. The best book you never heard of. You’ll have to look long and hard to find a stronger female character than Marian Halcombe—and to find a more interesting author.
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Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-three: Memorials and Mortality

Not a lot in the way of shownotes. We have a nifty Monthly Incentive though, and I’ll be doing the drawing on the 14th of Feb because Fabulous Listener Jill sent in GORGEOUS Valentines Day yarn—five skeins from Neighborhood Fiber Co, 100% Superwash Merino, 98 yards each, 2oz, 4.5-5 sts/inch on US 6–8 in colorway Grant […]

Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-five: Why are Veggies Funny?

Amy Singer blogged about our Fall 2011 CraftLit/Detjen trip, yay! Though we’re sorry she (The Singer) wont be with us this year. A new group (or new-to-me) EssayistMedia of Writing in Public is tweeting some nice, community-building things in the writing world. And I, once again, lose myself in ChopBard (this time I’m in love […]

Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-six: Giving Birth

10 Feb 2011, 8:58pm AZ time NEWS FLASH! We just hit our millionth download! I missed the moment, but not by much. YAY YOU! Thank you for keeping CraftLit going. What a ride, eh? WWMDfK in pre-orders, Briar Rose Yarns, Jennie the Potter’s Schedule, Chop Bard’s Tempest, Daisy Yellow—A Vivid Life With Kids, Tree Octopus […]