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by Jane Austen. Perhaps the first real “chick lit,” P&Ps Elizabeth and Darcy remain one of our more enduring couples, but Darcy isn’t really the block of wood we’ve come to expect.
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Austen—016: Chapters 47–49

Chapters 47-49! Next week, chapters 50-52… Well, it’s August 3rd, and I’m on the road! Chicago, Sioux Falls, Deadwood and on to LOVELAND COLORADO–home of Interweave Press… How do I love thee…let me count the ways. So the title of the podcast? Because my son is a questioner…well…so am I, so…apples/trees, you get the picture. […]

Austen—017: Chapters 50-52

I’m relegated to podcasting from my local coffeehouse again, sorry about that. The ambient noise is MUCH worse than before as this joint has tile floors–a local hazard. Apologies. I should have DSL at my Mom’s house by tonight, but I wanted to get this posted before that. I’m already mighty late by previous East […]

Austen—019: Chapters 56-59

Today, chapters 56-59; THE PAYOFF! First: The Tragedies My finger. Simple Market Farms goes out of business–buy their remaining stock. My inability to get good Wenslydale (cheese) for my Mom (click on “cheese” on the left and look for “Wallace and Gromit”). Read the Dairy’s cool history while you’re at it! (Scroll to the bottom […]

Austen—020: End of Pride and Prejudice

Wrapping up P&P. Saying goodbye to Jane and itching for some glorious needlework. “How odious,” she thought, “to knit with a broken finger…” High body count knitting (and architecture)…and a hint at next week’s story…or…stories! Bruno Bettelheim’s book is at Amazon, if you’re interested.   As always, Pride and Prejudice is narrated by Karen Savage. […]