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by Jane Austen. Perhaps the first real “chick lit,” P&Ps Elizabeth and Darcy remain one of our more enduring couples, but Darcy isn’t really the block of wood we’ve come to expect.
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Austen—013: Chapters 38-41

This week, chapters 38-41! Next week–42-45! A brief episode because I’m behind at work, sorry about that. Today, listen for some more wonderful Collins idiocy. And as far as pride and prejudice go, Elizabeth’s refusal of Darcy’s proposal due to her new understanding of how she misjudged Darcy’s motives knocks them both down a peg. […]

Austen—014: Chapters 42–43

Chapters 42-45! WRONG WRONG WRONG! 43 was much longer than it said on the tag. This week we only have 42-43…but its an hour long episode regardless… Next week, chapters 44-??… Sorry about that! Well, I’m in the homestretch! This week and next week are the last two I’ll be podcasting from Croton-on-Hudson…boy I’ll need […]

Austen—015: Chapters 44–46

This week, chapters 44-46! Did you hear Cast-on’s Essay last week? It was as though we dovetailed our themes on purpose! Synchronicity? Love that Jung! Promos from Faith at The Knitting Cook, and Jeannie Gist of Crochet Cast. As always, Pride and Prejudice is narrated by Karen Savage. Play in new window | Download […]