Bonus 03-A Christmas Carol, Part 3 of 3

This set of shownotes, such as they are, cover bonus episodes for A Christmas Carol as run in December 2012. This is a rerun of CraftLit episodes 189-191, from November 2010. We are adding them to the feed now for your holiday enjoyment.

A Christmas Carol-in prose, being a ghost story of Christmas by Charles Dickens

Project Gutenberg text (The original manuscript)

narrated by Glen Halstrom for Librivox

The compendium of useful links by David A. Perdue.

While I also spoke of the various file formats, this time we are just sending you the regular old audio file that can be played on any computer or mp3 player and which will come through the feed just like always. Please check out the show notes for the original episodes to view the video podcasts.

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