Stoker—244: Chapter 25

244—Chapter 25 of Dracula! Whoot!

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The Husband wrote an awesome post on being an outsider. Now you know (another reason) why I love the guy.

Degenerate art, a catalog of the show I saw.

Here’s the SFF #094 episode Julie was on chatting about Gulliver (spoilers).

Once again we need our map:

Dracula Map; Syrie James
this comes to us via Syrie James @Avon, an imprint of HarperCollins; Syrie James’ novel Dracula, My Love.

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Again, many thanks to Jon Scholes at Vaguenet, and Ehren Ziegler at Chop Bard, and Jon’s friend Charlie Allen Wall for our audio this week!

Just the Books
is now paralleling CraftLit in real time—for Dracula. We’ll be uploading the books between Pride and Prejudice and The Woman in White as time and storage space allow. AND the CraftLit Family page is up and growing! Add what you’re up to there and share your “betterness”.