Stoker—235: Chapter 14

Chapter 14 of Dracula! Whoot!

Then, over the next couple of weeks you’ll get episode 236 (chapter 15) and episode 237 (chapter 16)–but these shownotes will not change!

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Happy Holidays | Carlson School of Management, the first chapter of Cool for Cats, reviewed and read for you at Forgotten Classics, things even food safety experts won’t eat (good to know!).

Holiday Freebies for You!

A gift from us to you—Christmas Cards from the Good Madame

(who is only interested in righting wrongs and vanquishing injustice, after all…which is almost sort of in the spirit of the season…mostly…)

Based on the art used in the Crachette Pattern from the Dickens of a Christmas Blog Hop

—what could be better than a selection of sweet, printable cards to send to your creative comrades, handmade for you by our book’s artist Jen Minnis? Here you will find full-color versions of the cards along with b&w cards you can color yourself if you or you’re kids are feeling crafty.

The sets below print at 2 cards to an 8-1/2″ x 11″ page and can be used with Avery template 3266. If you would like half-fold sets, we have pdfs which fit Avery #3378 templates in color and black and white.
Free Christmas Cards A

There are many styles to choose from. Or you can download a PDF that includes them all!

Color Sets B&W Sets Complete Sets
Free Christmas Cards A-color
Consider Yourself
Free Christmas Cards A
Consider Yourself

Full Set Color

Free Christmas Cards B-color


Free Christmas Cards B


Free Christmas Cards C-color

I’d Do Anything…

Free Christmas Cards C

I’d Do Anything…

Free Christmas Cards D-color

New Socks?

Free Christmas Cards D

New Socks?

Full Set B&W

Free Christmas Cards E-Color

Think of Others

Free Christmas Cards E

Think of Others

Free Christmas Cards F-color

I Made It…

Free Christmas Cards F

I Made It…

Check out more of Jen’s work at Jen Minnis’ Art Blog.

Need a Trumpet Class for you or your kid? Consider Skype and Dale, the marvelous master of music.

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