Stoker—233: Chapter 12

Chapter 12 of Dracula! Whoot!

Many thanks to Elizabeth Klett, Arlen Donald, and Ehren Ziegler at Chop Bardfor our audio this week!


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Scroll down to see a neato Dracula cover. Interesting bits on audiobooks etc: James Parker, “The Mind’s Ear”; John Schwartz, “Wired for Sound” Concealed—a new YA book about Djinn for all you fantasy/YA lovers! Marceli Botticelli live and in person (with a full four litres of blood!) at the Watch City Dickens Christmas Festival at Charles River, MA. December Incentive! From listener Julie Temisevä! November Incentives: Yarn! goes to Katie in WA Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies goes to Zaida in NY. Still have some Defarge wristbands so donate if you want one. (Make sure PayPal has your address! or I can’t send it to you!)