Stoker—230: Chapter 9

Sorry for the Disappearing Shownotes!

Chapter 9 of Dracula! Whoot!

(Scroll to the bottom of the page for a player or grab the show on iTunes or via this feed). Again, many thanks to Elizabeth Klett and Ehren Ziegler at Chop Bard, Arielle Lipshaw, and our new voices, Maurice Mengel and Andrew Ordover!

Nifty things for you!

Stoker’s Journal is discovered, Dickens has two new biographies out, I’m loving my gorgeous Bingo prize from KokoNoelle, and submit! Submit ideas to the Library Knits Book!!! 11/11/11 is the deadline (Long Live Nigel Tufnel!), Edward Gorey Dracula cardboard theater, YouTube video of same, pix of Dracula coversall from Juliana.