Stoker—229: Chapters 7–8

Chapters 7-8 Dracula! Whoot!

(Scroll to the bottom of the page for a player or grab the show on iTunes or via this feed). Again, many thanks to Elizabeth Klett and Ehren Ziegler at Chop Bard and our new voice, Barbara Edelman!

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Just the Books is now paralleling CraftLit in real time—for Dracula only. We’ll be uploading the books between Pride and Prejudice and Dracula as time and space allow. AND the CraftLit Family page is up and growing! Add what you’re up to there and share your “betterness”. The links for you!

Marat Sade, Stoker’s Journal, plus Prince Charles is supporting Count Dracula’s family home AND acknowledging him as an ancestor, Jack Sheppard.

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