Episode Two hundred twelve: A Whole New World

Still unpacking, but a few things.

If you’re a teacher, ChopBard has a new book out for you (see incentive below). Really, seriously, the man’s a goldmine.
Devouring Shakespeare
If you’re a spinner, check out Cotton Spinning with the Takli, a DVD by Joan Ruane. She is a member of my old guild in Tucson and a wonderful teacher. Everyone loves her because she’s incredibly loveable. I’ve not seen her DVD myself–I spent my time watching her in person–but the review in Spring 2011’s Spin-Off is glowing. The Quayside sock book I designed for (Knitting Socks from Around the World) is coming out July 1, 2011. I’m now working on a sweater for the same series… we’ll see if this can be pulled off. It’s going to be a doozy.

In moving news (um, physically moving, not necessarily emotionally moving), If you’re in the Northern Virginia area, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m going to need babysitters and the 411 on local yarn stores etc. Already found (and love) Uniquities in Vienna, VA. LOVE that place! Am learning how to live on no income—or more accurately—to seriously live on seriously one income. I’m also loving Farmer’s Markets and local strawberries. And the color green.

It’s green here.

If you want to see pics and stories of what happened (or didn’t) on our trip, you can click on the “Road Trip” link in the sidebar of the shownotes. Don’t forget, there are a few seats left for the Road to Rhinebeck. As fun as the relocation road trip was, Rhinebeck will be even more better. And, in fact, it looks like my husband and sons will be meeting us in Rhinebeck–along with Ehren Ziegler and many many friends. Not to be missed!

I also have an apology. I realized I’ve been living under a rock. Not having a job meant never buying anything. Avoiding buying things—meant no stores, no shopping, and no magazines (those suckers get expensive). This means no data in. So my data out has been… um… limited. As I left on the trip I got a heartfelt Tweet and Rav message from a listener in Norway who had some—I thought—important criticisms of where the show has been going over the last eight months. I think writing the book, starting a business, teaching while being a temporarily single mom, and moving all really sucked it out of me. But the podcast sincerely is like home to me. I’ve missed podcasting, I miss hearing from y’all, and I miss the way things used to be, too. So, my promise to you is this: I will try to do better.

So many new and exciting things are coming, but much of it will have to wait until the boys are back in school (because right now they’re in “Camp Mom” and there’s only so much of me to go around).

And I learned that anti-perspirant does a pretty decent job of cutting the bitterness of a mosquito bite. Seriously.

July Incentive!
Donate between now and July 31st and you will be put into the drawing for your own copy of the new Chop Bard book, Devouring Shakespeare; Five Simple Tools, personally autographed for you by Mr. Ehren Ziegler!

Don’t forget your copy of WWMDfK?
It’s getting great buzz, and I, personally, am knitting my way through it right now. Loving it! A few images from the bookey wook:


Jane's Ubiquitous Shawl edging


Berthas Mad Mysterious Möbius


Madame Defarge's Stole

Van Tassel Mittens 003.JPG

Van Tassel Mittens


Hyde's Hooded Sweater


Frankenhood (with light-up neckbolt instructions!)


Isolde socks

Book talk begins at 33:33

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10 thoughts on “Episode Two hundred twelve: A Whole New World

      1. Stephanie "BioBetty"

        Well since I live closer to Tuscon than Virginia, I’m clueless as well!

  1. Ehren Ziegler

    Welcome to the East Coast! You are very near my neck of the woods. Wooo hooo. I can tell you from personal experience, the transition from West Coast to East is easy in the Fall, and Spring… and the first snow… but summer sucks. I miss the dry heat of the west.
    I found a little backing soda mixed with water, into a paste, does wonders for bug bites.
    Thanks for the book shout out!
    Glad you are catching up on sleep… “Sleep, that knits up the ravell’d sleave of care…”

  2. Tara Saha

    I live very close to Uniquities, its a great shop! That’s where I usually go, but I also head to Nature’s Yarns on occasion.
    I’m still catching up on the podcast (I usually listen in batches), so I haven’t heard how you are settling in, but it would be great to meet you sometime!

    1. Administrator Post author

      That would be great! I know I’ll be doing a book signing on July 23rd for Uniquities, so that’s one easy option for a meetup–before or after?

  3. Karen

    Glad you arrived safely at your new home. You are in a great place to find “free” entertainment.

    Not sure what criticism you received. I am sure it may be hard to review a magazine if you do not have it. But there are a lot of knitting podcasts that review knitting stuff. I have totally enjoyed Zen Tangle and would never have found it without you. I never felt I could draw, and now I am doodling and enjoying it and realizing I am not so right brained that I cannot ”learn” more creativity. And there are plenty of free resources for it (and other things) on the Internet. Do not look at your reduced spending as a disadvantage. It is an opportunity to find new things that give you joy that are free and available to all of your listeners.

    I have listened to you from the beginning. I started just this year and listened to a bunch back to back. I am enjoying this podcast so much, that it would warm my high school lit teacher’s heart. Greedily I would love you to dedicate hours to the podcast, because I want more. But realistically, I am so grateful for all that you do and generously put out on the Internet. I would hate it if negative comments take any of the joy out of this for you. Just know you add joy to my life and I am very appreciative.

    Any old brand of deodorant for mosquito bites?

    1. Administrator Post author

      You are so sweet! Thank you for that.
      And any brand of antiperspirant (not deodorant) seems to work. Rotating that with nail polish seems to be helping (nail polish after a hot shower).
      Who knew?!

  4. Caroline

    I have a friend who lives very near Uniquities and goes to a spinning group that I think meets there. It’s her favorite store.
    The word so far has been they are predicting a slightly less hot, although very humid, summer, so maybe that will make this easier for you. I just BET your Sally Hansen instant dry nail polish will NOT dry as fast here…
    I have to put Ehren’s book on my wish list, I love his podcast.

  5. Kathryn

    Oh, but I’m so grateful for Craftlit! Heather, In the midst of moves and teaching jobs, new books, and new businesses, even a cross-country drive, you haven’t even slowed down your postings. That’s a big deal, in my book — and I’m so thankful!

    In the past few years (my own crazy times), I’ve had little time for knitting, spinning and podcasts — but I never miss an episode of Craftlit. I love the book talk, I love the informal chatting, the creative stuff, and I love the books. I heart Craftlit. Call me an all-round fan-girl. So thank you.

    Congrats on the move, Heather!

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