Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-eight: Mister Lorry Anyone?

OH, so many links for you! It’s like they all waited until today.

Thing one’s Science Fair Post, iffin you’re up to watching some goofy videos and answering two questions.

Penny at PennyWise Consulting saved our comments (and so much more).

Episode 198!!!! Did you hear that? One-ninety-EIGHT!

Resurgence of Knitting “ON POINT” from NPR–with FRANKLIN HABIT!!! (and Susan Strawn, Jenna Woginrich, and Street Color).

Is there an oligarchy in the world of knitting?

Scrapbooks on the Go is great! Go checkitout!

Fun “i.e., e.g.” grammar info.

Ahab’s ship–found!

GF Scones that look REALLY good, GF Pizza crust, GF Biscuits, GF Sandwich bread, other uses for cupcake makers (who knew there was such a thing).

Urban GREAT idea for city-dwellers who are gardenarily inclined.

Parent’s Guide to Student Success.

Reading test for six-year-olds in UK to include non-words.

And in the world of our book!

Mister Vincent Gilmore of Chancery Lane, solicitor (Mister Lorry, anyone?) introduces you to some new subtext and some family past information you may find useful.

He also mentions a game called Whist. Apparently a game is called a “rubber” and you can play it online here. Wiki has a picture of the scoring board.

Book talk begins around 17 min.

Listen to 198 audio.

6 thoughts on “Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-eight: Mister Lorry Anyone?

  1. Stephanie

    LOVING THIS BOOK! Good luck and Bon Voyage. It would have been great fun if you had come thru Amarillo, Tx. However if you’ve seen one truck stop, you’ve seen them all. Sigh…

  2. Barb

    Heather, loved your comments on single parenting. It was a real *^%$* and my son was only 13 months when I started. During the pre-teen and teen years the only thing that saved my son’s life and my sanity was summer camp. He was a total water bug and amazingly enough I found a camp on an island off Florida’s west coast. We tried it for one session the first year (3 weeks) and he didn’t want to come home. So for the next five years I sent him for 9 weeks. Peace and quiet reigned in my home for the summer at least. 🙂 Broke the bank but not me personally.

  3. Caroline

    I think the reader is actually pretty good, he sounds like an old stuffy lawyer, and he’s very very clear-spoken.

  4. Zoya

    Hi Heather, I discovered your podcast few months ago and am totally loving it.

    I’m enjoying listening to “The Woman in White” and trying very hard to resist reading/listening ahead of your podcast. As a foreigner living in UK I really enjoyed Hartright’s description of Pesca, because I suspect some English people see me in a very similar caricature way. The different attitudes displayed towards Pesca by his mother and sister were especially fascinating to me, as less than a week before listening to that episode I was telling my husband how cautious and reserved English middle-class women of my age (30s) with kids similar to my daughters age are towards me, while their own mothers (in their 60+) appear much more welcoming and are at least always happy to say hello and have a quick chat.

    Regarding UK reading tests for 6-year-olds – it is such a can of worms. Summer born kids aren’t even going to be 6 (still 5) when they will be tested. Steiner/Waldorf schools don’t start teaching kids to read until they are 6-7, so for most of their kids the test will be totally meaningless (though maybe they’ll get the exemption). It seems to be pushing the teaching of synthetic phonics and there are rumours of private companies potentially getting contracts to introduce phonics teaching software to schools. I can’t find it anywhere now, but I remember reading somewhere that the child won’t get points for the mispronounced words (so in theory kids for whom English is secondary language or speak with the local accent/dialect may not get points for being able to read, because they pronounce the words differently to the “norm”). And with all the current budget cuts there is a question of where the money will come from to pay for administering yet another test and correlating the results.

  5. Christine

    Loving Woman in White! Very modern in a lot of ways, and the chapters “endings” don’t give much for closure. So, every chapter’s end is an invitation to the next chapter. Each podcast is highly anticipated, but like Zoya, I’ve resisted “reading” ahead.

    I’m about an hr southeast of Syracuse, so do please tweet @WoollyJumpers when you land. Also, we have several very good LYS in the area, as your sister must have told you.

    As a chemist, by degree tho’ not current profession, I had to support Thing 1’s science fair project! Hope he does well at the next level!

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